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Founded by Bill Lucas in 1998, Your Garage Door Guys has built its reputation on two principles; Quality, and Integrity.

Coming from an installer position with another company Bill knew what he had to do to set Your Garage Door Guys apart from the competition. It was simple. Offer the BEST Products and the BEST Workmanship with the BEST Customer Service possible. This formula has lead to thousands of satisfied customers and made us one of the strongest referral-based contractors in the industry.

We provide a wide array of services for your garage doors—from the repair of garage doors to installation—we cover all aspects. Our services include replacing damaged panels of wooden garage doors, repair of broken garage door strings and tuning-up of modern garage doors. Roller change outs and cable replacement are also a few of our services. Whether you are looking for overhead garage doors maintenance or composite garage door balancing, Your Garage Door Guys are here for you every step of the way.

Our services are provided throughout the Oakley area in California and we strive for nothing more than to facilitate our customers with efficient and reliable service.


Customer Review

"The Garage Door Guys were on time and had my garage door replaced in no time. I was impressed by their professional attitudes, friendly manner, and level of efficiency. Suffice it to say I will recommend them to anyone looking for garage door t5echnicians in the area!"

John .H

"The Garage Door Guys did an amazing job! Not only does my garage door look better, but it is also in much better shape and operates like a dream! Thank you guys for the professional and prompt service!"

Simon .P

We do it all

Our wide range of garage door services allows us to accomplish any project for our clients. We provide all your garage door needs under one roof!

Over two decades of hands-on experience In garage door installation and repairs

Premium garage door services are just a call away! We offer services for a diverse range of brands and Garage door types. From broken springs to extensive Tune-ups and replacements—we offer it all!

Check out the latest news for Home Improvements and garage door trends!

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