Garage Door Broken Springs Replacement Services

Broken Springs Replacement Services Oakley, CA

Ever wondered how you’re able to lift a garage door with ease? Something known as a torsion spring acts as the counterweight and makes the door feel incredibly light. However, if your garage door starts feeling heavy or doesn’t glide that easily, it could be a sign that your springs are starting to deteriorate.

The reasons for a broken garage door spring are many. The most common one is wear and tear. Each time you open or close the door, the coils lose a bit of their strength. Although the process is extremely slow, average homeowners that own 2 cars open and close their garage door around 3,000 times a year!

Another reason for broken springs is linked to poor maintenance. All springs break sooner or later, but routine maintenance can help increase their longevity. Outside moisture and chemicals contribute to a buildup of rust, which ends up corroding the metal and increases friction.

Contractors looking to cut down on construction costs may install a single-spring system instead of the usual 2-springs. This ends up shortening the spring’s lifespan and leads to additional replacement costs in case the spring breaks.

There are numerous DIY garage door spring replacement guides on the internet that encourage buyers to undertake the task themselves. We would advise against it because the springs contain stored energy and can cause serious physical injuries. The tension inside the springs is strong enough to knock you off your feet and cause serious injuries. If your garage door feels heavy or won’t budge at all, contact us and we’ll arrive at your doorstep on the same day.

We offer affordable broken spring replacement services that include installing high-quality springs that are built to last. Our technicians have carried out countless garage door spring replacement jobs and will fix your garage door as soon as possible.

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