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Door Off Track Oakley, CA

As easy as they are to operate, garage doors are also equally easy to come off track. When this happens, not only does your garage door begin to malfunction, but it can also cause severe injuries. Off-track garage door rollers can lead to various garage system related problems that may escalate the longer you wait to get it repaired.

The issue typically arises when the series of rollers get dislodged from the tracks installed in your garage door. This prevents the rollers from running smoothly and causes the door to stop working. Now while there are a number of reasons why this may happen, your garage door is likely to become off track if:

  • The door was hit by a vehicle
  • The tracks require lubrication
  • One or more rollers broke or wore out
  • One or more lift cables broke
  • The horizontal tracks fell out of alignment
  • The horizontal tracks got bent by the weight of the garage door.

Here’s the thing: a garage door that gets off tracks is hazardous to you and your family. If such a situation happens, you need to stop using your garage door immediately to prevent further damage. Failure to do so will not only harm the door itself but can also put you at risk of injuries and accidents.

So, what should you do in these circumstances? Call our experts at Your Garage Door Guys!

Our garage door technicians have just the right set of knowledge, expertise, and equipment to put your door back on track.  What’s more is that we can also help you replace broken door panels or cables in the process. Once our team is through, your garage door will be operating smoothly once again with the rollers back on track.

Whatever the root cause may be, our prompt and effective services will help you restore your garage door’s functionality in no time!

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