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Garage Door Tune Ups Service Oakley

Most of us know the importance of proper tune-ups and oil changes for a car. But we often overlook maintenance when it comes to garage doors. Ignoring a garage door for a long time can result in damages and problems that can cost a pretty penny down the road.

Your Garage Door Guys offers maintenance services for garage doors throughout the Oakley area in California. We ensure your garage is working properly and perform additional tune ups to keep it running smoothly.

Basic garage door maintenance involves a tune-up for the spring and motor, inspection of hinges, rollers, pulleys, cables, drums, and other parts of the garage door, as well as lubrication and repair of these parts.

We also conduct a safety check for garage doors for parts such as the safety sensors and safety cables. If our inspection process identifies any damaged, broken, or loose parts, we offer quick repair and replacement services to make sure the garage is safe to use.

Our services include same-day and emergency repairs to ensure our clients have a fully operational garage door as soon as possible. Our maintenance and tune-up services are performed by professional technicians for an efficient and safe process.

The annual tune-ups also increase the lifespan of your garage door and help you major issues later on. We offer competitive rates for affordable maintenance of garage doors all over California!

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