Garage Door Cable Replacement Services

Cable Replacement Oakley

The cables on your garage door are an important component of the door. They help in improving and maintaining its functionality, allowing the door to lift and sway smoothly. Being such an integral part of the whole system, they help in ensuring that you’re able to raise and lower your garage door safely and efficiently. In fact, you probably don’t pay much attention to your cables while you’re opening or closing the garage door.

That is, until you suddenly find yourself unable to do that.

Broken cables can create a number of problems for you. If you’re unable to open the door, you’ll soon need a new spot for parking your car. In fact, with a malfunctioning cable, your garage is little more than a storage space. The broken extension springs not only damage the vehicle inside the garage, but can also become a cause of injuries. Similarly, if your door opens too slowly or too fast, that’s another sign that the cable needs to be replaced.

This is where our team can help. Your Garage Door Guys offer quick and affordable cable replacement solutions for garage doors. With our prompt services, you needn’t worry about having your vehicle get drenched in the rain all night or your storage boxes put up for display for the entire neighborhood.  We’ll fix your broken cables and replace them in no time!

Your Garage Door Guys offer complete assessment before proposing any repairs or replacements. Our cable replacement services are available at competitive rates for the Oakley area in California!

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