3 Top Commercial Garage Door Problems and How to Prevent Them

3 Top Commercial Garage Door Problems and How to Prevent Them

3 Top Commercial Garage Door Problems and How to Prevent Them

Is your commercial garage door facing issues in functionality? You may be experiencing problems ranging from broken torsion springs to worn-out cables. Facing such issues is completely normal and a signal that you now need to invest in garage door services.

Here’s when you should to opt for commercial garage door repairs.

  1. Improperly Aligned Tracks 

The misalignment of the metal tracks in garage door systems is a common problem that commercial owners face. They either lose alignment or become damaged, which prevents them from closing or opening properly. If it’s a minor issue, a technician can handle it for you easily – but if it’s a bigger issue, you may need to replace the tracks.

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  1. Issues with the Power Supply

Many people don’t know this but a lack of power supply is a reason for warranted commercial garage door repairs. You need a sufficient amount of power supply in order for your garage door to function, i.e., open and close properly. So make sure you check the pwer supply if you come across such problems.

  1. Damaged or Warped Rollers

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Each time you open or close your garage door, your rollers get a little worn out. This wear and tear over months or years leads to the need for commercial garage door repairs. If you notice your rollers have gathered rust, debris, and dust, or your garage door makes a scratching sound every time it is opened, it’s now time to get in touch with your local garage repair service providers.


It’s important you tackle this issue right away as this also prevents garage doors from opening or closing properly, causing inconvenience to you or your business. Moreover, you should also note that the more you delay getting your damaged rollers fixed, the higher the chances of it damaging other parts of your garage door.


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