3 Ways A Garage Door Can Boost Your Home’s Value

3 Ways A Garage Door Can Boost Your Home’s Value

3 Ways A Garage Door Can Boost Your Home’s Value

One of the best home improvement projects is the ones that can improve your home’s overall functionality, make your home aesthetically appealing and increase your home’s value. A garage door can help you achieve all these objectives.

With the help of a renowned garage door company like ours, you can get a new garage door installed or get your current one maintained to increase the value of your property. Let’s discuss some effective ways a garage door can improve the resale value of your property to help you realize the importance of a garage door.

1.   Curb Appeal

According to the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine, if you invest in a new garage door, you can significantly improve your curb appeal and generate greater ROI from the remodeling project.

Garage doors generally take up a significant portion of your home’s exterior, making them important for curb appeal. The best way to improve this is by going with a door that matches your house aesthetically.

What’s more, the materials used for your garage doors, such as faux wood, fiberglass, and steel, will further improve the functionality and safety of your home. Certain materials last longer than others, which is a bonus factor that many potential buyers may be interested in.

2.  Lower Costs of Repairs and Maintenance

Older garage doors require more repairs and upkeep. There can be several issues with an older garage door, such as peeling paint, scratches, unsightly dents, and more. Getting a new garage door installation will ensure that you or any other potential homebuyer doesn’t have to pay for the repair or maintenance costs for the garage door. New doors with faux wood, steel, or aluminum overlays will also add an aesthetic appeal to your home.

3.  Energy Efficiency

Modern garage doors are designed to achieve energy efficiency by keeping harsh elements out of the garage. This results in a comfortable temperature for the rest of your house. Another benefit of a modern garage door is the noise reduction which makes your home quieter.

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