4 Signs of a Failing Garage Door Opener

4 Signs of a Failing Garage Door Opener

4 Signs of a Failing Garage Door Opener

The garage door is the largest entry point of any home. From providing home security to the undeniable convenience of operating the door with a remote, you couldn’t possibly want for anything to take a toll on your garage door opener—be it the weather, the broken cables, or the faulty springs.

Here are 4 easily recognizable signs of a defective garage door opener.

A noisy garage door

Is the garage door opener making unusual or loud noises while functioning? It’s a definite red flag. Noises are a sign that the opener can no longer tolerate the weight of the garage door. In such a case, you must call in professionals for a garage door opener replacement.

Garage doors integrated with the older models of the opener that were chain driven might also encounter vibrations. If the opener was to break free, the door could fall on your car or the ground. The newer models, such as the belt drive openers, are much safer in this regard.

It takes more time to open or shut entirely.

What’s more annoying than a garage door that opens sluggishly while you sit in the car? Even though the automatic garage door is supposed to operate at a medium pace, if it seems to have become noticeably slower, the chances are that the opener has malfunctioned.

It gets stuck at a specific angle.

When the garage door opener can’t fully open or close the door, faulty rollers or a damaged up-limit switch could be the reason. Rusty rollers can be lubricated or replaced, but you may have to move the up-limit switch closer to the opener’s motor unit for it to function properly.

It no longer responds to the remote or switch.

There are several reasons why your garage door has stopped opening with a remote or even the switch. For the remote, try to replace the batteries or reprogram the remote control by studying the garage door opener’s manual. While testing the switch, remove the switch’s wires and connect them directly to see if the garage door responds. If yes, then the switch needs to be replaced. If not, call a professional garage door repair technician to replace or repair the wires.

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