5 Tips to Follow When Your Garage Door Has A Broken Panel

5 Tips to Follow When Your Garage Door Has A Broken Panel

5 Tips to Follow When Your Garage Door Has A Broken Panel

Garage doors are made of several panels that are joined together. If the panels get damaged due to the weather or some mismanagement, it can be replaced easily. It’s essential to repair or replace it immediately to maintain your curb appeal and ensure safety.

Here are five tips to follow when your garage door has a broken panel.

Inspect The Panel

If your garage door has experienced structural damage, such as by hitting your car on the garage door while reversing by mistake, it needs to be inspected. You also store other lawn equipment and bicycles in your garage, which can also damage the panels.

In addition to that, homeowners store extra paint or other utilities in the garage which can spill over the door due to any mismanagement. These only cause scratches or spots on the garage door, which doesn’t require a panel replacement, so you can get it repainted or let it be.

Several Damaged Panels

Replacing one panel is cheaper than replacing the entire garage door. However, if more panels are damaged, you need to figure out the extent of the damage and if it will sustain after repairing. Replacing the entire garage door would be better, rather than repairing it constantly.

Match The Color Of The Panels

Garage panels are directly into contact with sunlight and harsh weather, which fades out the color of the panels. When you install a new panel in place of the damaged one, there might be color discoordination between them. It’s recommended to communicate with your garage door repair service to try to provide the panel that is closest to that color or paint it to match the old garage door.

Don’t Replace The Panel Yourself

Replacing a broken by yourself by watching some online tutorials is not going to be easy. You might not have the right tools and equipment. In addition to that, a garage door repair service has a significant amount of experience to deal with different kinds of broken panels and fix them carefully. If you try to install a panel, and it damages others and is fixed incorrectly then it would cost you more.

Hire A Professional Garage Door Repair Service

A professional garage door repairing service would have expert technicians who would be able to procure the right materials and tools for your panels. You can contact us to repair your garage door panels. We provide various services, including repairing broken springs and replacing your garage door’s circuit boards in Oakley.