6 Key Garage Door Parts and Components You Need to Maintain

6 Key Garage Door Parts and Components You Need to Maintain

6 Key Garage Door Parts and Components You Need to Maintain

More than a dozen interconnected parts make garage doors work smoothly. You don’t have to name every component of the door, but it is essential to know the anatomy of your garage door so you can assess what kind of issue your door is having. This gives you the advantage of pinpointing any problems and getting the solution immediately. So here’s an insight into your garage door system and its key components.

1.    Panels

The panels are rectangular sections that support the garage doors. These are made of different materials, designs, and colors. Being one of the most critical components of the garage doors, it is built to sustain minor damage. The panels are the foundation of the garage doors. Therefore, you should get a garage door repair service to inspect faults in these regularly.

2.    Hinges

Since the door is made of different sets of panels, hinges are installed in between doors to maintain the flawless functionality of the garage door. In addition, the hinges work with the panels for overhead or sectional garage doors to make the mechanism smoother.

3.    Springs

There are two types of springs for garage doors, torsion and extension springs.

Torsion springs

These are located above the garage doors and connected to the tracks at a right angle. These springs balance the garage door. Since springs maintain tension, it would be wise to get a professional to inspect it. In addition, these springs make the garage doors much safer and increase their lifespan.

Extension springs

Extension springs are one of the oldest mechanisms located parallel to the track. Unfortunately, there are dangerous and can break off during use. Always have a professional check these out.

4.    Rollers

The garage door rollers work with the tracks to keep the garage door in place when it ascends and descends. Unfortunately, these components absorb a lot of friction and strain and need repairs quite frequently. Therefore, regular inspections will protect you and your family from any hazardous incident.

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5.    Operator

This is the mechanism that allows your garage doors to open and close. The operating box is suspended from the ceiling with a cord and plugged into an outlet. The box receives a signal when you push the buttons on a remote or switch.

6.    Cables

Without the cables, the doors can’t be ascended or descended. The cables are connected to the garage door from the bottom and the drums from the top. When the drum rotates, the cable begins to roll upwards as well. As the cables move upwards, so do the garage doors.

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