A Guide to Garage Door Servicing

A Guide to Garage Door Servicing

A Guide to Garage Door Servicing

Your garage houses your car and acts as a storage space for all your belongings. Therefore, you must schedule your garage door maintenance every year. Along with this, conducting monthly inspections will ensure that your garage door is functioning optimally, and your belongings are safe. Here’s a guide to garage door servicing.

Why Should You Service Your Garage Door?

Getting your garage door serviced can extend its life. Annual servicing ensures that there aren’t any potential problems that can arise in the near future. During the checkup, the technician can ensure that a small issue doesn’t turn into a big one.

For example, during the service, a technician may find a spring or a screw about to break. It will help you replace that part before it’s broken and save you from the hassle and anxiety of an open garage that’s welcoming for intruders and animals. It’ll also save you money as you won’t have to call the repair service on an emergency basis.

How Do Professionals Service Your Garage Door?

A garage door is one of the biggest moving objects in your house. That’s why it’s dangerous to service or perform repairs on your own. Professional technicians come with a checklist of things that they need to inspect in a garage door. They begin with oiling the joints and checking out the overall functioning of the door. After that, they perform individual checks like:

  • Cable: Examine for signs of wear and tear
  • Springs: Check if they have the appropriate level of tension
  • Door panels and sections: Look for indications of disrepair
  • Roller: Inspect signs of breakage or bending
  • Door opener: Use for closing and opening the door to ensure balance.

How Can You Maintain Your Garage Door?

Along with the annual inspection, you can regularly maintain your garage door if you follow the following simple steps:

  • Check the alignment: Remove the hook from the opener and lower and raise the door with your hand. If it’s hard for you to do it, you have alignment issues.
  • Clean the debris: Ensure that the floor and tracks are free of dust and debris for smooth opening and closing.
  • Test the ‘eye’: The garage door’s eyeinforms you when it’s safe to open and close it. Press the door opener and put a box in front of the eye. If the garage door stops, there’s no issue with the eye. If it doesn’t, it’s a safety issue, and you should get assistance.

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