Carriage House Doors vs. Traditional Garage Doors

Carriage House Doors vs. Traditional Garage Doors

Carriage House Doors vs. Traditional Garage Doors

As new trends in garage doors emerge, most home builders will point out that there’s no excuse not to get a garage door that will protect your property and complement your living space’s aesthetic.

Given that a garage takes up roughly 30% of your property, it’s important that you put great thought into how you choose to cover it.

However, every time you set out to decide on a garage door for your humble abode, the age old debate between Carriage House Doors and Traditional Garage Doors is brought up. So let’s settle this argument once and for all and decide on the best garage door option for your house.

Traditional Garage Doors

As the name suggests, these are the traditional choice for most people. However, for all their functionality and positives, there are certain drawbacks of installing a traditional garage door.

For starters, they require ample backroom to function (open and close); if your property isn’t big enough to incorporate them, then they’re probably not the garage door for you.

Moreover, if your traditional garage door isn’t installed close to the ceiling, then any space above the garage opening becomes redundant and can’t be used for extra storage. This, again, is a huge downside for people who can’t afford to lose storage space.

Carriage House Doors

Carriage House Doors

Compared to traditional garage doors, carriage house doors come with their own set of functional properties. To begin with, carriage house doors add to the architectural aesthetic of your property because they provide that rustic barn look that’s all the rage these days!

They only accentuate the visual appeal of your property, so if you’re in on the décor and have a monthly subscription to Architectural Digest, this is the garage door of your dreams!

Moreover, they don’t require any extra backroom or headroom inside your garage because they can be installed to open outwards instead of rolling up inside. However, they require a substantial amount of free space in front of your garage to open due to huge sectional panels. Not to forget, this space must always be clear of any goods that can hinder the doors from opening all the way.

So if you don’t have ample driveway space at hand, we’d suggest you invest in a traditional garage door.

The choice is not so much based on what the door has in store for you, rather what you require from it. So once you’ve figured out your preferences and priorities, contact us, because be it traditional garage doors or carriage house doors, we supply, install and repair all types of residential garage doors Oakley!