Common Commercial Garage Door Issues

Common Commercial Garage Door Issues

Common Commercial Garage Door Issues

Commercial garage doors undergo a lot of stress from being used frequently. From steel garage doors used for loading docks to commercial building security grids, commercial garage doors do a lot of work. So it’s understood that with time they will sustain wear and tear. Your Garage Door Guys have compiled a list of the most common commercial garage door issues and their preventive measures for a business owner to use before calling in the professionals.

Damaged Springs

Torsion springs counterbalance the weight of commercial overhead garage doors while they are being opened and closed. These garage door springs allow the garage doors to stay in place. A set of standard torsion springs can last for about 10,000 complete cycles. However, they don’t always last that long as factors such as strong impact, ever-changing weather conditions, and humidity levels come into play. These factors can cause the garage door springs to deteriorate faster.

Once a spring fails, the doors no longer work as they should and need fixing. A torsion spring breaking suddenly can be catastrophic as its pieces can fly across the space and make the garage door forcefully fall to the ground.

Where torsion springs are concerned, garage door springs repair should be handled by a licensed garage door repair service. A professional garage door company like ours will perform routine inspections to prevent damaged springs.

Sections Getting Damaged

Most garage doors have sections. Since the commercial garage doors are used quite frequently, accidents are inevitable. There are high chances of sectional aluminum and steel doors getting damaged or dented. A dented section is dangerous as it can cause the commercial garage doors to get misaligned from their track. This is concerning because you might try to open the door next time, and it falls on you. We at Your Garage Door Guys can help you with the realignment of doors and damaged panel replacement so that your business can resume without a glitch.

Rollers Getting Damages or Clogged

Overhead garage doors work smoothly because of the rollers that run along the tracks. With time, these rollers can break down and no longer fit in their tracks, or they can get clogged up because of dust and debris without regular maintenance. A commercial garage door with damaged rollers is a nuisance as it won’t engage fully, which will disrupt your business’s day-to-day operations.

You can keep the rollers and their tracks damage-free by getting a garage door repairs service to regularly inspect them.

Do You Need Help? Consult with a Professional

We at Your Garage Door Guys have a knowledgeable repair and maintenance staff to deal with all sorts of problems related to your garage doors. They have worked for various commercial clients across Oakley, Brentwood, Lafayette, Clayton, and surrounding areas. To schedule a service, fill out the form or give us a call on 925-308-6011

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