Dispelling Common Misconceptions Regarding Garage Doors

Dispelling Common Misconceptions Regarding Garage Doors

Dispelling Common Misconceptions Regarding Garage Doors

There’s no denying that garage doors demand has increased over time due to consumers increasing interest. The international garage door market size is around $1.07 billion. When it comes to the protection of cars and vehicles, garage doors play a crucial role. Automatic garage door openers can be dangerous if not installed properly. Thus, the garage door installation process is of paramount importance—but prevailing misconceptions in the market can make it difficult.

Therefore, you should consult a professional garage door repair service provider, like Your Garage Door Guys, for help in this matter. Here are some of the common myths regarding garage doors that you need to be aware of before making a buying decision:

1.     You Can Repair Your Garage Door on Your Own:

This is one of the biggest prevailing misconceptions that need to be busted. Fixing your garage door on your own can leave issues unfixed and increase their chances of deteriorating. Therefore, if you need any garage door maintenance, it’s highly recommended to hire an expert to do it for you.

2.     Garage Doors Are Generally Noisy:

False! Noisy garage doors are not normal. Loud garage doors are a clear sign that something in the door is not functioning properly and needs to be fixed right away before the situation worsens. Some parts of garage doors might have aged and thus producing the noise. These parts need immediate replacement or fixing by a specialist.

3.     Garage Doors Don’t Require Maintenance:

Garage door maintenance is as important as installing a garage door. If a garage door isn’t maintained properly, it can make your home vulnerable to insects and harsh weather damage. Therefore, just like any other household equipment, garage doors need maintenance and proper care too.

4.     Garage Door Fix Costs You an Arm and a Leg:

While it’s true that garage door fix is a bit expensive, but it isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. It’s more budget-friendly than you think it is. Garage door repair is not as easy as it looks, and while trying to save money, you might turn a simple task of door fixing into a difficult one costing you double.

To book an appointment, reach Your Garage Door Guys at 925-308-6011. From garage door repairs to garage doors installation, we provide our clients with some of the best garage door services in Oakley, CA. Our customers are our number one priority, and with us, your garage doors are in safe hands.

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