Don’t Get Stuck: Identifying the Warning Signs of a Dying Garage Door Opener

Don’t Get Stuck: Identifying the Warning Signs of a Dying Garage Door Opener

Don’t Get Stuck: Identifying the Warning Signs of a Dying Garage Door Opener

Since your garage door opener is one of the most commonly used features in your home, it is prone to damage over time. If you notice signs of failure in your garage door opener, consider having it replaced by a professional garage door company like Your Garage Door Guys. Here are some of the signs indicating a failing garage door opener.

Improper Functioning

If your garage door isn’t operating as it should, check your garage door opener for damages. A faulty garage door opener may cause the door to occasionally open and close without someone having to operate it. In addition to being a nuisance, this can also compromise your home’s safety.

Another problem is that the door may suddenly reverse halfway through closing or opening. This indicates an electrical issue that can be fixed, but in most cases, the opener requires replacement.

Noisy Garage Door Opener

A failing garage door opener will make unusual noise as you open and close the garage door. Though every opener makes some noise, don’t ignore the strange noise it produces. Have it inspected by a garage door professional without delay to minimize the risk of a bigger problem. At times, these noises are associated with imbalanced springs, aging AC motors, and failing gear. If the issue can’t be fixed, have the opener replaced by partnering with a reliable garage door company.

Unresponsive Garage Door Opener

Another clear sign of trouble is the unresponsiveness of your garage door. This means that your garage door may not open or close despite operating the opener’s remote control. Before you replace your garage door opener, try changing the remote control’s battery. If the door still doesn’t respond to the remote control, have it replaced by a professional specializing in garage door repair services.

Opener Losing Power

If the garage door opener is losing power, this indicates a failing capacitor that usually makes a loud popping sound. After this mini explosion, you can also see smoke rising from the opener’s top. A garage door opener with a damaged capacitor requires replacement.

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At Your Garage Door Guys, we specialize in garage door repair services, so we can identify a failing garage door opener just by looking at it. We also deal in garage door replacement, garage door damaged panel services, carriage house doors, and more. Contact our garage door installation professionals today.

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