Don’t Let Your Garage Door Take a Tumble: How to Keep it Balanced

Don’t Let Your Garage Door Take a Tumble: How to Keep it Balanced

Don’t Let Your Garage Door Take a Tumble: How to Keep it Balanced

An unbalanced garage door not only compromises its functionality but also leads to unpredictable danger in the future. A garage door functions efficiently when its weight is evenly distributed due to the tension of its springs. An unbalanced garage door can be identified by too much or too little tension in its extension springs or torsion springs. This guide by our garage door repair experts will walk you through effective tips on keeping the door balanced.

Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

If your garage door is unbalanced, it will take longer than usual to respond to the remote control while you attempt to open or close it. At times, when the garage door is unbalanced, it doesn’t move at all or makes strange noises while opening or closing. If the door closes completely, it looks uneven at the bottom and the top. When fully open, an unbalanced garage door sags or looks slanted.

Dangers of an Unbalanced Garage Door

While your garage door is opening or closing, its spring or cable may fail halfway through and snap at any moment. This usually causes the door to quickly come down on a vehicle, pet, or person. So get your automatic garage door system regularly inspected for any failure by partnering with a reliable garage door repair company like Your Garage Door Guys to make sure it’s balanced.

Performing a Balance Test

To test your garage door for balance, close the door while you remain inside and detach it from the opener. The next step is to manually move the door to closed and open positions. It is supposed to move freely, but if it doesn’t, apply a lubricant to its hinges and rollers. If this still doesn’t resolve the problem, seek the help of a garage door expert.

Lift the door manually so that it is half-open, and then release it carefully. If the door slams shut, it’s out of balance. However, if the tested garage door is balanced, reattach it to its opener.

Residential property

At Your Garage Door Guys, we can identify an unbalanced garage door by using high-end tools and equipment. We specialize in comprehensive garage door repair services and also deal in damaged garage door panel services, garage door replacement, garage door installation services, and more. Contact our professionals to learn more about carriage house doors today.

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