Garage Door Balancing Explained Step By Step

Garage Door Balancing Explained Step By Step

Garage Door Balancing Explained Step By Step

While garage doors are made to last for decades, they need maintenance to remain in top shape. This usually costs between $150 and $375 on average. You can tell that a garage door is weak and a home is vulnerable if the garage door is not properly balanced. This is usually due to an issue with the springs and can be fixed by a professional. Garage door balancing is important for your home.

How To Balance A Garage Door?

We know that an unbalanced garage door spells trouble so here is how professionals fix garage door issues.

Step 1: They Start By Disconnecting The Opener

The first thing professionals have to take care of is disconnecting the garage door opener. They need to find the emergency release cord and pull it so that it releases the opener carriage. Now they can start operating the garage door.

Step 2: They Inspect For Imbalance

The next thing they do is disconnect the opener and check the door by manually releasing it. If the door is standing in place without touching the ground, it is balanced. If the door does touch the ground or falls too quickly, there is an imbalance issue that needs to be addressed.

Step 3: They Start Adjusting The Springs

To adjust the torsion springs of the door, you need winding bars. The experts will place one winding cone and the other one on the side of the garage door where the torsion spring needs to be adjusted. Now they can use the winding bar by turning it counterclockwise, loosening the spring.

They’ll next turn a quarter to avoid causing any damage to the spring. They they’ll readjust the spring and repeat the balance test from the previous step.

Step 4: Repeat Until Balanced

Now they will have test the balance of the door and repeat the process of turning the torsion springs a few times until they achieve the right balance of the garage door. This will allow you to use your garage door safely without having to pay for extensive garage door repairs.

Step 5: Now They’ll Reconnect The Opener

The opener of the garage door is ready to be reconnected at this point. You can lift it manually and try to push it back toward the opener carriage. When the trolley engages with the opener, you can release the cord and you are all set.

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Garage Door Balancing Made Easy

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Call a professional for garage door repair.