Garage Door Buying Guide: 5 Things to Know Before You Make the Purchase

Garage Door Buying Guide: 5 Things to Know Before You Make the Purchase

Garage Door Buying Guide: 5 Things to Know Before You Make the Purchase

From picking curtains to selecting a color scheme, choosing the right thing for your home can be difficult. Homeowners look for design and durability when shopping for garage doors.

By spending a little extra time and money, you can get a new garage door that will last for a long time. Here are some tips to make your garage-door shopping a complete success.

Know the measurement of your door opening

Although the professional garage door installers take professional measurement, have a basic idea about the garage opening dimensions before you go shopping. The size of the door directly impacts the price. Knowing the dimensions beforehand, will determine your price range and help budget your purchase.

Measure the width and height of your door, along with the distance of the ceiling from the door and the distance of surrounding walls on either side of the door.

Know the basics

Before you shop for a garage door, know what your options are. Garage doors are available in wooden, aluminum and steel material. Both materials have benefits of their own. Steel garage door offers different textures, colors and finishes.

Light-weight aluminum garage doors are available in acrylic and glass panels and variety of modern styles. On the other hand, wooden garage doors add personality to your home and improve your curb appeal.

Next, you need to choose between the drivers. Will your garage door be operated by a rubber belt or screws? The choice of driver will also impact the cost and installation of your garage door.

Match a door to your home

You may end up choosing a wrong door for your house. Take a picture of your house, so that the garage door company can provide you with better suggestions. Some companies have advanced software to try different door-styles on the picture you provide. This will improve your chances of buying a right match for your home.

Do you need to insulate?

Insulation is necessary for homes that are located in extreme climate zones. If you use your garage as a storage space, then provide effective insulation to protect your things from extreme temperatures.  Check about different insulation options before selecting a garage door for your home.


Know what’s trending

Automation has evolved every aspect of life, even the garage door. Nowadays, garage doors can be operated with smart phones. To improve security of these doors, manufacturers have added motion sensors, keypad locking systems and alarms that automatically open lights when a movement is detected.

How to Choose the Perfect Garage Door?

For a smooth purchase and installation process, head over to Your Garage Door Guys. We have been enabling commercial and residential clients located in Oakley since 1998. Our experienced team will provide you a free in-home consultation and help you chose the best garage door option for your home.

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