Garage Door Maintenance 101: A Definitive Guide

Garage Door Maintenance 101: A Definitive Guide

Garage Door Maintenance 101: A Definitive Guide

A damaged or broken garage door can make your house vulnerable to break-ins and burglaries. In order to strengthen the structural integrity of your garage door, you need to invest in frequent repairs and maintenance.

To begin with, there are two main aspects of garage door maintenance as stated below:

  1. Some maintenance work has to be carried out by the homeowners themselves.
  2. Some servicing needs to be carried out by a garage door professional.

Let’s talk about what you can do on your own:


Make sure you inspect the garage door on a daily basis. You might not have the right expertise to fix issues on your own but you can pay attention to minor details. Every time you open and close the door, listen to the sounds it makes.

If it’s making a creaking sound, try cleaning and lubricating the hinges regularly and see if it helps. This will also prevent excessive wear and tear.

Other than that, lubricating the moving parts of your garage door also ensures seamless operations. All you need to do is use some white lithium grease or a spray lubricant and apply it on the overhead springs, screws, and chains.

Test the balance

If you continue mishandling the garage door, it may lose its balance. This can majorly affect its lifespan. Here’s you can check the balance on your own:

Try disconnecting the opener. You can do so by releasing the handle and moving the door halfway upwards. Now you need to see whether the door stays put or not. If it doesn’t, it means the springs and the counterweight systems are not balanced properly. However, once the problem has been diagnosed, get in touch with a commercial garage door company to get the door readjusted.

Make the right replacements

You first need to check whether the rollers are in good condition. Ideally, the rollers (that are either made of nylon or steel) should be inspected twice a year and must be replaced every few years. You might need to replace them faster if you use the garage door several times a day. Look out for the sins of damage. If the rollers are cracked, chipped, or worn-out, they must be replaced ASAP.

You also need to inspect the condition of the high-tension cables. These are the cables that lift your door. If any of the strands near the bottom roller bracket are broken, you might need to get in touch with a professional to get it repaired.


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