Garage Door Safety Tips for Business Owners

Garage Door Safety Tips for Business Owners

Garage Door Safety Tips for Business Owners

With crime rates rising rapidly, a growing number of businesses are falling victim to arson attacks and burglaries. That is why it’s important for commercial establishments to pay attention to their security, including their garage door safety. In this blog, learn about some garage door safety tips that can help keep your expensive equipment, inventory, and employees safe.

Ensure the Sensors Are Functioning Properly

If you are a business that has an automatic garage door, you must regularly check to see if the sensors are working properly. If there are any alignment issues, these can present safety hazards for you and your employees. An employee can get injured if the sensor malfunctions when they are coming into the garage or shop. Similarly, criminals can exploit this weakness to get inside and inflict damage.

Learn How to Manually Operate It

With storms becoming a frequent occurrence in most areas, businesses need to prepare for power outages that could bring their business to a standstill. If an outage occurs suddenly, it would result in the automatic garage door being unable to work due to which employees can get trapped inside. This is why your employees should learn how to manually open and close the door so they can exit the premises safely.

Invest in Maintenance

Invest in preventative maintenance services from a reputable garage door company. Their technicians can ensure the hardware is properly installed and test its balance so the door operates seamlessly. Moreover, they will fix all kinds of minor and major repairs to improve the lifespan of your commercial garage door.

Keep the Garage Code a Secret

Many businesses make the mistake of trusting more people with the garage door code. When outsiders such as suppliers learn about it, it can compromise the safety of your goods. Try to keep the garage door code amongst a select group of people only. Moreover, don’t have the garage door openers visible and accessible to everyone. Ensure they are in a secure place to add an extra layer of security.

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