How Broken Door Springs Affect the Performance of your Garage Door

How Broken Door Springs Affect the Performance of your Garage Door

How Broken Door Springs Affect the Performance of your Garage Door

Garage doors are an essential part of your home. They add to the curb appeal of your home’s exterior and can be used as a side entrance as well.

This constant usage of the door means your garage door will require timely maintenance. Without maintenance, you may decrease the lifespan of your door’s parts. The first parts to be affected are typically the door’s springs, followed by other parts that are comparatively more durable.

Moreover, it’s also unsafe to use a garage door with worn-out or broken parts. Garage doors are weighty, and you wouldn’t want the door to slam shut suddenly, resulting in an injury or permanent damage to your door’s structure.

Here are a few reasons how broken springs affect the performance of your garage door:

It Becomes Heavier

Usually, garage doors do not feel heavy because of the torsion springs installed in them. However, if you feel that your door is heavier to lift than usual, chances are that your springs are damaged or need to be replaced.

The primary purpose of torsion springs is to support the weight of the door. If you’re finding it hard to lift the door, then you must call in a professional to check your springs immediately.

Worn-out torsion springs also cause the door to go down quickly, which might prove dangerous if someone is in the way.

Loose Cables

Many homeowners believe that when their garage door cables become loose, they need to replace them. However, most of the time, it’s actually due to the springs of your door.

If the springs fitted in your door break and uncoil, they can cause the cables to become loose, thereby impacting your door’s functionality.

A properly functioning garage door will have tight torsion springs that keep the cables in place.

Door Opens Half-Way

Broken torsion springs open the door only half-way and sometimes even less depending on the door’s structure. With nothing left to support the weight of your door, your garage door may not open.

Consider contacting a professional garage door service, as sometimes, with broken springs, the safety system is triggered. This also stops the door from functioning altogether, making it unsafe for usage.

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