How Does an Electric Garage Door Opener Work?

How Does an Electric Garage Door Opener Work?

How Does an Electric Garage Door Opener Work?

Automatic garage doors are often taken for granted.

Automatic garage doors are controlled by electric door openers that work to ensure you have convenience at your fingertips. You no longer have to step out of your car in the scalding heat or the unending rain to open your garage door — all thanks to the door opener that does all the work for you!

But how much do you really know about how it works?

Let’s give electric garage openers some credit, shall we? Here are all the basics of how a garage door opener system works:

Remote Opener: The Power of Radio Frequency

Electric garage openers let car owners open and close their garage doors without them stepping out of their cars. All you have to do is push a button and it’ll do all the work for you.

These door openers work using radio frequency. The remote contains a transmitter and the opener has a receiver. Once you push the button, and if the frequencies match (usually 315 – 390 MHz), the door opens or closes according to your command.

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An In-built Springs and Track System

Since garage doors are heavy, the electric garage door opener needs additional help—and springs provide it! They open the garage door without causing the system to strain, which, otherwise, could cause the electric system to fall and break.

Two types of springs are used here: torsion and extension springs. Extension springs extend to allow the opening and closing of the door while the torsion springs twist to lift the door for a smoother opening and closing.

Since these springs are under a lot of pressure, you shouldn’t try to replace them yourself. Instead, hire professionals like us to do the job.

A Photo Eye Sensor

A photo eye sensor in the garage door opener ensures that nothing is standing in the path of the garage door. It shoots a beam from one end of the door to another. If the beam is interrupted, the door doesn’t shut.

So, if a kid is standing under the door, trying to close the door manually, the door will not shut—this can help prevent injuries if there’s a kid or a pet standing under the door.

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