How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener

Your garage door relies heavily on the type of opener you choose for it. While recent technological advancements have increased garage door opener varieties, there still some considerations for homeowners. You have to decide based on the noise impact, style, power source, and much more. Here are some ways you can find the best garage door for your property:

Consider the noise impact

The first step in choosing the perfect garage door opener is thinking about the noise impact. Imagine coming late home one night to wake up your entire family from the deep slumber or sleeping in after a long day at work only to be disturbed by the infuriating sound of your garage door opening and closing.

While garage door opener styles such as chain drive and screw drives produce massive vibration and noise, costlier options such as belt drives are great at reducing the noise impact. If your budget allows you to go for the latter, you should definitely consider it.

Figure out power consumption

The next factor to consider is your garage door’s power usage. While you’d want to get an opener that can lift the door without causing much wear and tear, you’ll also want to steer clear of ones with overbearing power, sapping your energy resource. Doors with ½ horsepower is a standard option for residential garage doors, but if you want to upgrade to a big outfit, you can go up to ¾ horsepower.

However, doors with 1 horsepower are only reserved for unique places and are quite heavy. You should also install a battery for power backup during power failures to ensure that your garage door gets uninterrupted energy to perform optimally.

Think about the safety features

The weight and power of a garage door can directly impact its security. Faulty doors can hurt you and your family, cause pain and worry. While choosing garage door openers, consider ones that have enhanced security options to provide maximum protection.

Some safety features that you should consider are entrapment sensors, door reversal, and contact control buttons. Entrapment sensors ensure that nothing gets trapped in your garage door and door reversal works by getting activated if something does.

Before making the final purchase, reach out to professional garage door service providers to find out other garage door openers’ nitty-gritty. At Your Garage Door Guys, we’ll help you choose the best garage door opener according to your requirements. We also offer garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services in Oakley at unmatched rates. Reach out to us today for more information.

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