How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens on Its Own

How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens on Its Own

How to Fix a Garage Door That Opens on Its Own

Automatic garage doors are susceptible to a variety of issues, most of which can be solved with routine maintenance and regular inspection. However, a more complex issue is one where your garage door starts to open and close on its own, without any interference on your part.

It can be quite troublesome to have a malfunctioning automatic garage door, as it poses a security concern for when it opens on its own without you around. Not only will you be worried of your belongings being exposed, but the issue is also a serious safety hazard for children. Here are a few ways you can identify and fix your garage doors mysterious behavior.

Inspect the Safety Sensors

All garage door openers made after 1993 must abide by the required safety features that will open the door during its closing cycle if they detect something is blocking the door. This is achieved through the use of sensors, which are placed in the motor and on the sides of the opening near the floor.

The sensors are extremely sensitive to even the smallest objects such as leaves, snow, ice or small rocks near the door. Any of these objects can trick the sensor and cause the door not to shut properly and keep opening. Misalignment of the sensors could also be a probable cause. You must carefully examine the area near your door for any objects, as well as ensure that they are aligned properly. Also, check the wires at the sensors to see if they’re connected properly and aren’t damaged.

Inspect the Garage Door Opener Button

Most likely, you have a garage door button that operates the door. It’s important that you keep this button clean and free of any debris that might accumulate over time. It’s extremely easy for the button to become dirty and get stuck in a “pushed” position, which will cause the door to open and close on its own.

Cleaning the button and the surrounding area would be helpful, as well as ensuring that the wiring for and around the button is not compromised.

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Inspect the Control Board and Transformer

If the sensors and button are working correctly, and there are no issues with the wiring, then the problem may lie in the control board of the garage door opener. A power surge or some other electrical issue might cause a fault in the board and transformer.

You can check the electrical output and input with the help of a multimeter to see if it’s giving the correct voltage values and confirm if the issue is with the board, transformer or both.


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