Is it Time for a Garage Door Tune-Up?

Is it Time for a Garage Door Tune-Up?

Is it Time for a Garage Door Tune-Up?

Garages play a significant role in protecting your vehicle, and by extension, your house, yet they don’t receive the care and love they deserve. A garage is the first place an outsider sees, and how it looks or functions can determine their impression of you. According to a Thompson company study, 52% of homeowners want a garage that makes their neighbors jealous. We at Your Garage Door Guys can help your garage doors function and look great so that your garage is the talk of the neighborhood.

If you have previously been guilty of not taking care of your garages, then fear not, as Your Garage Door Guys are here to help. We provide services throughout the Oakley area in California and strive to facilitate our customers with efficient and reliable service.


Signs of Problems:

So how do you know if your garage door needs a tune-up? That’s simple if your door stops, jerks, or shudders or doesn’t feel symmetrical when you open or close the door, your door needs a tune-up. Similarly, if you hear any scraping or grinding sounds, then this means your garage door needs a tune-up. You can also do a small test and try to open the door manually. If there’s some resistance, then a tune-up is due.


Benefits of Getting a Tune-up

If you contact Your Garage Door Guys, we can help you extend the lifespan of your garage doors and help you save on replacement costs. With a tune-up, your door will do what it’s supposed to do, which is to keep you and your family safe. Our expert technicians can handle all types of doors, be it Sectional Steel Doors, Sectional Aluminum Doors, or Rolling Steel Doors.

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We recommend a tune-up on a regular basis and offer the added convenience of booking a tune-up online. At Your Garage Door Guys, we provide a variety of garage door services for your residential and commercial garage door repair needs. Get in touch with us today at You can also request a free quote by filling out your information on our website. Our services are provided throughout the Oakley area in California, including Brentwood, Clayton, and Lafayette.