Keep It Moving: How To Keep a Garage Door In Top Working Condition

Keep It Moving: How To Keep a Garage Door In Top Working Condition

Keep It Moving: How To Keep a Garage Door In Top Working Condition

Garage doors are the biggest moving objects installed in your house. Like everything else, they also wear down over time, which shows up in how they operate. However, its functionality can be improved by timely repairs and maintenance.

Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect upkeep and consequently, require early garage door replacements. Other systems like HVAC or Plumbing are always at the top of priority lists, when it comes to maintenance. The truth is garage doors can remain functional for a long time, if properly installed and maintained.

Extend your garage door’s lifespan with these tips:

Room For Movement

Garage doors are designed with lightweight materials that allow for easy pivot movement. Avoid stacking objects in the door’s way store items near the walls or at the back of the garage.

When a garage doors comes into contact with an object, it loses its balance and bends from the edges. While upon impact you may immediately reverse the door’s movement, small impacts can significantly damage the door’s material or the rollers over time.


Garage doors move with the help of nuts, bolts, and rollers. These small, yet highly important moving pieces need frequent lubrication to keep things smooth. The metal spring assembly, hinges, and weather stripping in between the panels require application of petroleum or silicone based lubricants from time to time.

Remote Health

garage door

At times the door is free of defects and the real culprit is your remote control. Problems like dead batteries can increase the response time of your garage door. Be mindful of the response time and replace batteries in a timely manner to reduce chances of damage to your garage door.

Garage Door Safety System

Garage doors sustain damage when they come into contact with an obstruction. Most modern garage door systems feature a reversal system that stops the door and reverses its movement upon detecting an obstruction.

This system can often prevent the door from functioning appropriately. If your garage door features sensors that detect obstructions and react accordingly, any object placed in front of these sensors could trigger them to respond, putting the reversal system in action. Make sure the sensors are clear of any obstructions and clean of dust at all times.

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