New Garage Door Installation- Do’s and Don’ts

New Garage Door Installation- Do’s and Don’ts

New Garage Door Installation- Do’s and Don’ts

A garage door is a hefty investment for all homeowners. On top of that, complications may also arise during the door’s installation process.

We believe that garage door installation is one job that should be left to the professionals. The installation is crucial for your home’s safety because it could malfunction or turn into a safety hazard for you and your family if installed incorrectly. Moreover, improper installation could lead to side’s openings, and in turn, break-ins.

Professionals that install garage doors first examine the door’s measurements on-site and ensure there are no obstructions that may hamper the installation process.

Here are some technicalities which may arise when installing garage doors:

Installing The Lift Motor

As the life motor and assembly drive the force that lifts the door every time it is operated, they must be installed at the center of the door.

If they are not at the center, the door will make a loud noise every time it is operated because the door’s weight is not distributed equally, causing an imbalance for the motor. Over time, this will lead to frequent repairs and replacements as other parts of the door may get damaged as well.

Moreover, sometimes, the lift motor cannot be installed in the center because of an obstruction.

That is why professional services examine the site before installing garage doors. They account for these minor adjustments so that your door is fitted perfectly.

Testing Safety Features

Professionals always test out the safety feature of your door immediately after installation. With professional garage door installation services, they will take the time out to ensure that everything is done correctly. They install the infrared sensors, placing an obstruction to test if the sensors work, and then complete the re-testing to test for errors.

Loose cables, broken torsion springs, and several other parts may cause the door to slam shut suddenly, resulting in severe injuries or worse. That’s why you must ensure that safety technicalities are all accounted for.

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