Noisy Garage Door? 3 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Springs Adjustment

Noisy Garage Door? 3 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Springs Adjustment

Noisy Garage Door? 3 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Springs Adjustment

A majority of the people get the impression that it’s the garage door’s motor that lifts the door. While the motor plays a part in the opening and closing the garage door, garage door springs are essential to the entire operation.

If your garage door springs turn bad, you might face several garage door opening and closing issues. Let’s discuss a few significant signs that will help you determine whether your garage door springs need an adjustment or not.

1. Rust and Corrosion

The lifespan of a garage door spring relies on how well it’s maintained. If you regularly maintain your garage door spring, rust and corrosion won’t develop on the spring. On the contrary, if you neglect these springs, rust and corrosion will take hold and deteriorate the springs, drastically reducing their lifespan.


Taking some time to inspect your garage door springs for signs of rust and corrosion can give you a chance to save them from failing. As a result, you get to save hefty garage door maintenance costs in the long run.


2. Garage Door Is Opening Unevenly

Usually, a garage door consists of two extension springs that make your door open evenly. If your door is opening faster from one side, it means one spring has failed, and due to the pressure, the other spring can fail shortly. Whenever you notice anything suspicious in the way your garage door opens, you need to contact a professional garage door repair company like ours.

3. Springs Are Getting Weak

Getting stretched, re-stretched a thousand times is normal for garage door springs. Similar to a rubber band, springs can hold a “charge.” But as time passes, they lose this ability. To test whether your springs are losing their elasticity, here’s what you can do:

Lift your garage door manually to waist height, bring it to a stop and let go. If the garage door stays in place, your springs are functioning fine. On the other hand, if the door starts drifting when you release it, your springs no longer hold the charge and fail.

If you’re looking to replace your garage springs professionally, Your Garage Door Guys can help. We are a garage door repair company that offers new garage door installations, commercial and residential garage door repair, garage door replacements, tune-ups, rebalancing, and other garage door services! Contact us today to learn more about our services.