Potential Reasons for Your Garage Door Not Opening

Potential Reasons for Your Garage Door Not Opening

Potential Reasons for Your Garage Door Not Opening

Your garage door breaking down or not opening is never a pleasant sight, especially when you come back from work on a cold winter day and have to step outside to manually open it.

There might be a lot of reasons behind your malfunctioning garage door. Some of these can only be resolved with the help of a professional, while there are some things you can do to solve the problem as well.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the reasons why your garage door may not be opening.

The Photo-Eye is Covered or Misaligned

Every garage door these days has a photo-eye, which is a sensor that is placed on either side of the garage door and stops and reverses the garage door if it detects any object in the path of the door.

Check your garage door’s photo eye and clean it up if it’s covered by dirt or align it properly if it’s misaligned. If there’s an object blocking the garage door, make sure to remove it to the photo-eye doesn’t sense it.

The sensor can also malfunction if the wires are damaged or cut. This will be repaired by a professional with adequate safety equipment only.

The Garage Door Remote is Out of Batteries or is Broken

Your garage door’s remote may also be the culprit behind the door not opening. Make sure the garage door remote’s batteries are still working and check the remote by putting another pair of batteries in it.

The remote’s wiring might be the issue if the batteries are fine but the remote still doesn’t work. Get it checked by a professional to get your garage door remote fixed.

Broken Tension Springs

The tension springs on a garage door store help open or close the door. With time, these springs may experience excessive wear and tear and break down, causing your garage door to malfunction. You can detect broken tension springs when the garage motor is working, but the door isn’t opening.

Replacing these springs is a professional’s job that has the right tools and safety gear. Attempting to repair these springs yourself can result in injuries and property damage both.A house with a separate garage

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