Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Making Noise And How You Can Fix It

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Making Noise And How You Can Fix It

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Making Noise And How You Can Fix It

If you use your house’s garage door to enter and leave the house, you’re probably quite familiar with the sounds it makes while opening and closing. It’s normal for garage doors to make some noise while operating. However, sometimes these sounds become loud and distracting.

The garage door rattling and squeaking while opening and closing is frustrating for neighbors and the home’s occupants. Many homeowners even claim that they can hear and feel garage door noise disruptions in every room in the house.

These warning signals allow you to identify the problem and fix it before the door starts majorly malfunctioning. Our garage door manufacturers have the tips you need to prevent your garage door from making obnoxious noises. Here are some solutions.

Garage Door Tune-Up

A rattling noise usually means that you need to tighten some loose nuts or bolts in the door. Garage doors may also make unusual noises due to loosened rails or chains.

While you can temporarily resolve this issue by tightening the loose fixtures yourself, it’s highly advisable to schedule a professional garage tune-up. Taking this step will address all the door’s repair needs and prevent additional/unnecessary service costs.

The tune-up process includes an inspection of the door and opener. This process entails a full assessment of the door’s panels, hardware, springs, rollers, and balance. Once the technician is done, the door will be noise-free.

Door Balancing

If your garage door is making a scraping noise, it’s clear that it’s imbalanced. Scraping sounds are louder than banging or rattling noises. In this case, it’s crucial to invest in door balancing services.

Neglecting an off-balance garage door will not only intensify the scraping sounds, but might also cause the cables to snap or break. This can put your family’s safety at risk.

Door balancing ensures that the spring tension is adequately so it’s evenly managing the door’s weight.

Cable Replacement

A straining sound means you either need a motor replacement or that the power supply in your garage is insufficient.

Malfunctioning garage cables will eventually lead to the garage door not functioning, requiring you to find an alternative parking space. Another symptom of broken extension springs is the garage door rapidly and opening and closing. A quick solution to prevent this is to appoint a garage door repair service for cable replacement solutions.

A professional garage door service will perform a diagnosis before proposing a cable replacement. With new cables, your garage door will lift smoothly, without obnoxious scraping noises.

While strong garage doors work for an extended period of time, even the highest-quality doors experience wear-and-tear. Let our team at Your Garage Door Guys help you troubleshoot these issues with quick, durable, and efficient solutions at affordable rates. Connect with us today.

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