Residential Vs. Commercial Garage Doors: How Do They Differ?

Residential Vs. Commercial Garage Doors: How Do They Differ?

Residential Vs. Commercial Garage Doors: How Do They Differ?

It is essential to do in-depth research before making garage door purchases for your home or workplace. Every garage door has its own specific function; therefore, you can’t expect a residential garage door to provide the same features as a commercial one and vice versa.

Here are some of the differences that will help you understand each door’s function and features.

1.    Height and width

A commercial garage door’s dimensions depend on the use of the door. E.g., some factories require huge garage doors for their trucks to load goods and oversized machinery. These garage doors are large enough so that they don’t damage any product while transporting in and out of the facility.

On the other hand, residential garage doors are pretty standard in size; seven feet high and between eight and nine feet wide. Some customized residential doors can extend to 12 feet high for tall vehicles.

2.    Designs and types

Commercial garage doors are more concerned about functionality; they are more straightforward and standard. Most commercial garage doors have no design; they’re painted white and roll up daily.

Residential garage doors are more of a statement. The focus is more on the appearance as a beautiful garage door increases the home value. Many designs, colors, and textures make the garage door more attractive. Sometimes windows are also added as an asset.

3.    Difference in Material

Retail shops, restaurants, industries, and factories need a steady, strong garage door material like metal (aluminum and steel). The doors have to provide maximum security with their durability.

On the other hand, homeowners can get garage doors with different materials such as wood, steel, fiberglass, etc., these materials provide security and an attractive curb.

4.    Value of the doors

Commercial and industrial garage doors are a staple to ensure maximum security. However, they are expensive to purchase and install. However, if you sell a shop or facility with a stable garage door, you can increase your price as the new owner won’t have to make any garage door repairs.

Whereas residential garage doors are an architectural pride for a homeowner, buyers and sellers both profit from a beautiful garage door. If the garage door is standard with a simple design, homeowners will have to decrease their asking price.

5.    Functionality is different

Commercial doors are designed to open and close multiple times a day since retail shops and factories require delivery materials. In addition, these commercial doors need to operate efficiently and smoothly, reducing friction.

Whereas the residential garage doors are used a couple of times a day, the doors are not even used. Due to this, they don’t have to be lightweight and are quick to open.

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