Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Panels

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door Panels

The pandemic homebound a lot of people. Many of us have had to work from home and turn our garages into a home office space. Garage doors are an essential component of the house, and with crime increasing day by day, having a faulty garage door is a very risky proposition. We at Your Garage Door Guys can help you determine whether you should repair the broken garage door or simply replace it, so you can work from your garage in peace and safety.

How Damaged is the Garage Door?

For minor damages, some plaster and paint might all that be needed. However, if significant damage is involved due to manmade or natural reasons, more work would be needed to restore the door to its optimal state. You can consult our team at Your Garage Door Guys to assess the damage to your garage.

Door’s Lifespan:

If it’s been more than fifteen to twenty years since you replaced the garage door, then the best option is to replace it. At Your Garage Door Guys, our expert technicians can handle all types of doors, be it Sectional Steel Doors, Sectional Aluminum Doors, or Rolling Steel Doors.

The Budget

Not everyone can splurge on a new garage door. So the budget you have is a significant variable to consider when deciding whether you need to replace or repair your door. If you’re having some troubles on the liquidity front, then repairing might be the best decision for you as it’s more affordable, and with the help of our team at Your Garage Door Guys, your repaired panel can look almost brand new.

However, as we mentioned earlier, if the door is very old or has endured severe damage, then it would just make sense to replace it. Similarly, if you’re looking for commercial garage door repair in Oakley, then the frequency of your business operation demands that you invest in a new high-performance garage door. For the people who invest in new garage doors, there is good news. According to a study, consumers who replace an older garage door with a new one recover an average of 93.8% of their expenditure pretty quickly. Having a new door also adds value to your real estate and is thus the smarter decision in the long term.


Still Confused? Get a Free Quote

At Your Garage Door Guys, we provide a variety of garage door services for your residential and commercial garage door repair needs. Get in touch with us today at You can also request a free quote by filling out your information on our website. Our services are provided throughout the Oakley area in California, including Brentwood, Clayton and Lafayette.

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