Steel vs. Plastic vs. Nylon Garage Door Rollers: Which One is the Best Option for Your Garage?

Steel vs. Plastic vs. Nylon Garage Door Rollers: Which One is the Best Option for Your Garage?

Steel vs. Plastic vs. Nylon Garage Door Rollers: Which One is the Best Option for Your Garage?

Modern garage doors are dependable and efficient, but various complex mechanisms and replacement options can overwhelm you. Rollers are essentially the wheels of your garage door that make it move safely on track. Rollers can have several problems when they’re not maintained accordingly. These issues can range from loud noises to dangerous door crashes.

However, garage door rollers are a far less visible component making them complicated to replace or repair. This is why it’s recommended that you contact a garage door company to help out.

Let’s compare some options you can choose for garage door rollers and help you avoid these issues.


Steel garage doors are strong and durable, but steel can be a problem when it comes to garage door rollers. Anyone who has an old garage door may have experienced corrosion and rust on their steel rollers. If these are exposed to the weather for too long, they build rust and corrosion.

However, that isn’t the case with nylon and plastic rollers. Nylon and plastic rollers don’t rust and can survive harsh weather conditions such as blizzards, flooding, and rain. Considering the weather, installing a garage door with nylon rollers is a more practical option as it can last longer and save you from potential issues.


Nylon and plastic rollers look better compared to steel. However, as rollers are one of the least visible components of your garage door, aesthetics isn’t something you can pass on. The appearance of garage door rollers shouldn’t be significant because they’re the least visible.


Noise Levels

As steel rollers corrode over time, there’s always a need for lubrication, or they’ll start to create squealing and squeaking sounds. This means you’ll need to have steel rollers lubricated regularly to reduce the noise levels.


On the other hand, plastic and nylon rollers are the quietest garage rollers yet. Doors with nylon rollers can glide up and down their track without making a sound. Nylon and plastic rollers consist of ball-bearings that mitigate noise levels.


The decision is ultimately yours when it comes to choosing nylon, plastic, or steel rollers. Keep these factors in mind s before you choose either one for your garage.


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