Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Composite Garage Door

Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Composite Garage Door

Things You Should Consider Before Getting a Composite Garage Door

Composite doors are one of the newest trends in the garage door industry. Due to their unique design and the fact that they’re made using mostly recycled materials, these composite doors have gained popularity and acceptance all over the United States.

This article will go through some of the things to consider before getting your composite garage door:

What Is a Composite Garage Door?

A composite garage door is the combination of two materials: the backing and the surface material. The backing is made of a nylon-polyester blend, while the surface material is polyurethane or PVC plastic sheets wrapped around the door.

Advantages of A Composite Garage Door

Newer Designs are Safe

Suppose you’ve searched for composite garage doors online. In that case, you might have found some safety warnings from different agencies saying that it should be avoided because it may contain lead which can endanger your health and even your life.


However, these regulations only apply to older and outdated models because there’s no lead in newer designs.


Ease Of Use

The composite door is lightweight, making it convenient to open and close. It’s also easy to keep clean, thanks to the PVC plastic sheets that breeze to wash and reuse.


It’s not as heavy as aluminum or steel garage doors, making it easier to lift and put away after using the vehicle and reducing the amount of stress on both your back and knees when you need to lift it.


Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of a composite door means that less cold and hot air will seep into the garage and the surrounding areas where your family lives, which reduces your monthly electricity bill.



Composite doors are quite durable. The doors don’t lose their flexibility over time, unlike wood doors. This means that you’ll never need to repair it or replace it due to warping or splitting due to age.

Maintenance of a Composite Garage Door

The only maintenance that a composite garage door needs are for the plastic sheets to be removed and washed once every six months to 1 year. However, this seems like a time-consuming process, given that you only need to it once a year, it’s worth it.


However, you must hire professionals to remove the PVC sheets and wash them. If you do it yourself, there’re chances that you’ll end up damaging them.

Cost of Composite Garage Doors

The cost of a garage door depends on the size and the type. The average cost of a 33-inch wide by the 83-inch tall single garage door is $739. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer of the door and the size.


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