Types of Commercial Garage doors

Types of Commercial Garage doors

Types of Commercial Garage doors

Commercial garage doors are an important addition to any commercial facility—as such, business owners must make sure that they pick out the right one by considering factors like security, durability, and visual appeal.

With various types of garage doors in the market, business owners should know that there’s no single design that works for every property.

The three main types of doors are sectional doors, steel doors, and overhead garage doors. Read on to so you can choose the perfect type of garage door for your commercial facility’s needs.


Sectional Garage Door

A sectional garage door can be used for almost any property, but they’re most common for smaller properties.


A sectional door requires no heavy lifting, as it’s a small-sized door made up of separate sections joined together. This type of door locks in place using horizontal and vertical tracks that join all the sections together.


The tracks are located at the top and the bottom of the door, making it impossible for any one section to open without all sections opening. When closed, a horizontal bar locks into place in the tracks, preventing any sections from moving.


Steel Garage Door

All-steel construction is standard for all garage doors made for commercial uses. Steel doors are durable and stronger than any other garage door but are also the heaviest commercial door available.


The best garage doors for commercial property must withstand the various weather conditions, which means that steel is required. Steel doors are not only preferred for their strength and durability, but they also come in multiple colors to blend in with the rest of your property.


Overhead Garage Door

For people who have an occasional need for their garage door to open, an overhead door gives you more safety.


The overhead door also provides a lot of space to move throughout the property since it doesn’t restrict movement when open. It’s very easy to notice the overhead doors from a distance, and the light-colored finish makes it easy to see what’s inside your garage even at night.


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