What’s New in the World of Garage Doors?

What’s New in the World of Garage Doors?

What’s New in the World of Garage Doors?

In addition to performing their usual function of securing your car and belongings, garage doors play a significant role in adding to the exterior décor of residential and commercial spaces.

Here are some recent advancements in garage door technology that you should know of if you’re planning to remodel your home or commercial facility.

1. Insulated Garage Doors

Many homeowners only consider insulating their walls and windows. However, the most significant entry point remains the garage door. It leads to heat loss if it stays open for a long time.

Insulated garage doors are energy-efficient. They come with higher R values that prevent heat loss during summers and winters. They’re also stronger, more durable, and reduce energy bills.

2. Smart Garage Doors

We never thought we’ll ever say ‘oh wow!’ when looking at a garage door, but smart garage doors are worth your admiration. Automatic garage doors have limited our movements as they can be opened or closed with a remote button.

Undergoing more developments, now a garage door can connect to a smartphone and operate remotely. It also alerts us if the door hasn’t closed properly.

Some garage doors transform themselves into smart home technology bundles. Such garage doors allow you to program them for specific timed operation, lighting, sensors, and other safety functions via a smartphone.

3. Sustainable Garage Doors

After electric garage gates, solar garage gates have made an outstanding entry into the garage world. They’re sustainable and efficient. If you’ve an electric car, installing a solar garage gate becomes a ‘win win’ situation because these gates can charge your electric vehicles. They’re not widely available as of now, but we expect them to take over the market with increased demand soon

4. Differently Designed Garage Doors

Here are some latest designs of garage doors.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

These garage doors are more common in commercial facilities and comprise 2-3 steel sheets without springs or hinges. They’re most suitable for areas with limited roof space.

Canopy Style or Tilted Garage Doors

These garage doors consist of a single sheet and work on a pivoting mechanism. When they open, they’re hung parallel to the ceiling and look wonderful!

Sectional Garage Doors

As the name suggests, these garage doors operate with the hinges movements as the remote button is pressed. They’re easily customizable to different colors, sizes, or shapes. They’re the most popular in the U.S.

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