Winter Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Winter Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

Winter Maintenance Tips for Garage Doors

There’s no denying the fact that winters are the merriest time of the year. What’s more fun than enjoying the snowfall with your loved ones or watching the snow-covered trees with a hot mug of coffee in your hand?

While winters are a fantastic time of the year for you, they can be really rough on your garage doors. With the harsh weather and snow, it’s easy for your garage door to breakdown.

By following these tips, you can keep your garage doors in mint condition during the winters.

— Avoid Debris Buildup

Continued usage of your garage doors leads to dirt and debris buildup on your rollers and tracks. This can be particularly inconvenient during winters, as the debris freezes due to low temperature, resulting in an obstructed motion of garage doors.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of its moving parts is one way to ensure a clog-free garage door during winters.

— Regular Lubrication

The rotating parts of your garage door can stall and stick due to the cold weather, obstructing the motion of your door. No one likes dealing with a garage door that’s stuck mid-way while you’re already running late for work!

Here’s what you can do: lubricate all the moving parts of your garage doors with a machine grade lubricant.

This will remove the excessive friction that’s restricting the operation of your garage door. And when you’re done lubricating your door, don’t forget to wipe the excess oil to prevent buildup.

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— Keep a Check on the Weather-Stripping

The purpose of weather-stripping on your garage door is to prevent the snow and dirt from entering into your garage.

Continued use of your garage often causes it to crack, giving an easy passage to ice and snow. This creates a sealing effect, making it difficult for you to open the door.

As a general rule of thumb, inspect your weather-stripping on a regular basis to avoid cracks and damage. If you notice any visible signs of damage, it’s better to call a repair technician at your earliest.

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