Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors: Pros, Cons, and Comparison

Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors: Pros, Cons, and Comparison

Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors: Pros, Cons, and Comparison

If you’re thinking about redesigning or installing a new garage door, you must consider certain aspects before making your decision. Each garage door has its qualities and adds to your curb appeal in a different way.

Wooden Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are manufactured from solid wood panels but certainly have their pros and cons:



Did you know that wood has the highest inherent R-value of any garage door material? This aids in the regulation of your home’s temperature.

Crack and Dent Resistant

You won’t have to worry about cracks and dents if you have a wooden garage door installed. They can withstand impacts from rocks and other hard objects without cracking.



Generally, wooden garage doors are expensive compared to other garage doors. However, you may find one that fits your budget.

Vulnerable to Moisture Damage

If you live in an area with excessive rain, your wood garage doors may require special attention. They may swell or get damaged as a result of dampness.


Installation of wooden garage doors may face complications due to their weight. Also, garage doors require heavy-duty springs to handle their weight.

Steel Garage Doors

There is a variety of steel garage doors when it comes to design, price, and insulation.


Modern Aesthetics

There are extensive customization options in steel garage doors. The manufacturers have created new designs to accommodate modern trends in home decor.


Steel garage doors are cost-effective and low maintenance.


Steel garage doors can stand extreme weather conditions and are resistant to cracking or warping.


Vulnerable to damage

The durability of your steel garage door is dependent upon its panel’s thickness. Thin steel garage doors are cheaper but may also be prone to dents and damages.

Rust Sensitivity

Steel garage doors can rust over time. So, inspecting your garage door regularly can help prevent rust buildup and prolong its life.


As steel is a poor insulator, your steel garage door may need an additional layer of polyurethane to provide insulation at an optimal level.

Wood vs. Steel Garage Doors

Wood and Steel Garage doors have their pros and cons. It depends upon your garage’s needs on what you want to install.

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