Your Garage Door Just Won’t Open—3 Potential Culprits

Your Garage Door Just Won’t Open—3 Potential Culprits

Your Garage Door Just Won’t Open—3 Potential Culprits

It’s 8:00 PM and you pull into your driveway. After a long day at work, a soft bed and sound sleep is all that you’re looking forward to. You press the button on the remote and stare at the door, waiting for it to open. And then it suddenly hits you that the door isn’t working. A stuck garage door, late in the night, is something we wouldn’t wish upon anyone.

To avoid frustrating situations like this one, it’s important to conduct regular inspections and maintenance of your garage. Meanwhile, if your garage door doesn’t open at any point in life, this blog will help you out. Ahead, we’ve rounded up three potential reasons why a stubborn garage door won’t open.

The Photo-Eye Is Blocked, Covered in Dirt, or Misaligned

Older garage doors usually function with a photo eye which detects any blocking object. Check your photo eye for any dirt, grime or other debris that might be coming in the way of the laser beam that signals the door to open or close. Sometimes, the wire that connects the photo eye and the garage door gets damaged or cut due to rainstorms or water leakage. A malfunctioning photo eye interrupts the proper functioning of the door.

The Batteries of the Remote Are Dead

It’s important to check the batteries in the opener remote before you call the professionals for your garage door repair. If the remote doesn’t work; replace the batteries. If it still won’t work, there might be some issue in the remote’s wiring and you may have to replace the remote.


The Power Is Cut Off

Automatic garage door openers are mostly plugged into electrical outlets to work. Sometimes when the circuit breaks or the power is out due to other reason, the door opener won’t get the electricity to operate at all. In case your door doesn’t open, go and check whether the opener is plugged in the outlet properly or not.

If your garage door won’t open for any other reason that you don’t know of, it’s better to let the professionals inspect it and conduct the necessary repairs (if required). Your Garage Door offers top-quality garage door repair Bethel Island, as well as reliable installation and replacement. For further information about our services, call us at 9258132413 or book our services online.


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